SQL Server
[Standardized query language]

Microsoft SQL Server refers to a Relational Database Management System. A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is a Program that mainly serves databases on web or other computers, that manages them based on relational model.

Performance Tunning

SQL Tuning/SQL optimization are used to retrieve data from any database. The same results can be obtained by writing different SQL queries. But the best query is considered while performance.

Example: Select Id,FirstName,LastName from Employee. This can written as Example:
Select * from Employee.

Tools and Utilities

It Provides foundation for SQL server utility by using SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to monitor Server resources health and utilization.

Example: DAC (Data-Tier Application) is for developing, deploying and managing data tier objects. It includes database schema, tables views, stored procedure and login.

Backup and Recovery

Example: Backing up desired database. Transfer the database files to other location if required. Restore the database on SQL Server.

Availability and Scalability

In SQL Server it is crucial to provide both higher availability and scalability.

System should allow any changes at any server that changes replicated to all other servers.

Any system should be in a transactional consistency.

System should have low latency when updated at one server should reach another server.